A band of heroes left out of history!

180 years ago, the African American Mysteries, The Order of the Men of Oppression, revolutionized the Underground Railroad utilizing espionage, secret handshakes and passwords that were never revealed, until now.


This is The Pathway to Freedom Monument, in Detroit, MI. on the river front that is dedicated to the Underground Railroad.

Pointing toward Canada and the land of freedom for the more than 40,000 runaways of America’s southern state enslavement between 1833 - 1863, George DeBaptiste stands proudly representing the African American Mysteries, The Order of the Men of Oppression, who are just now getting the recognition for their contribution to American Freedom!


Dead line approaching to register for the last few spaces left in the Mysteries Youth Ensemble!

Selection for Detroit’s most talented youth is in it’s final stages for the African American Mysteries, Underground Railroad Youth Ensemble (Mysteries Youth Ensemble). The project will begin on July 9 with a four-week summer boot camp, which will conclude on August 2 after field trips to Detroit’s cultural institutions and Canada’s Underground Railroad destinations. The Boot Camp will meet on Tuesdays through Fridays, from 11 am until 4 pm. The Camp will begin and end the day at the UAW-Ford, National Programs Office, 151 W. Jefferson. The youth will re-assemble in September through December to create the presentation that will be available for booking during the holidays, 2019.