Mysteries Youth Ensemble, Summer, Fall & Winter.

During the summer, the youth will create a presentation based on their own research as they experience the trials and tribulations of the 19th century Underground Railroad agents and freedoms seekers. The Mysteries Youth Ensemble will serve as human time machines, traveling African American history, going back as far as the 1830’s to old Detroit, in order to recreate the stories that were left out of America’s history books. During the fall, the youth will create their presentation which will be available for booking in December, 2019.

Unique Project for DETROIT YOUTH, AGES 13 TO 17 who like to:

  • like to travel

  • are looking for something to do and

  • can commit to a wonderful project

  • starting July 9 through August 2, Tuesday - Friday

  • some paying jobs for those who qualify!

  • solve mysteries

  • sing and dance

  • rap, write, recite

  • have a curiosity

  • want to do good in the world


The Mysteries Youth will serve as human time machines!


The modern day black youth will travel back in time through library archives and museum exhibits to find the community ancestors who walked Detroit streets, more than seven generations past. Each youth selected for the project will research both a real Underground Railroad agent and an authentic freedom seeker.